FREE Shipping on All Orders Over $75!

FREE Shipping on All Orders Over $75!

Shipping Info

Commitment to Earth Friendly Shipping

CACOCO is committed to reducing our footprint wherever possible, and for this reason we re-use and recycle as much of our packing and shipping materials as is practically possible for us at this time.

How We Ship

  • We ship nationally with UPS & USPS. (For orders in Hawaii please contact us about additional shipping requirements: (530) 362-8632.)
  • Products usually ship within 3 weekdays of your order being processed. (We keep our inventory as fresh as possible.)
  • Shipping to hot climates during hot months requires fast shipping because CACOCO products melt at about 95º (like a good chocolate should). Be sure not to ship the product to a PO Box in order to avoid over exposure to heat.
  • Additionally, all product orders made at the end of the week (Thursday or Friday) will ship out on Monday to ensure that your product arrives fresh and unmelted.



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Tony Portugal & Liam Blackmon 

Co-Founders & Chocolate Revivalists