Chocolate as it’s meant to be!

We honor the ancient tradition of preparing cacao as a molten chocolate vitality elixir with wholesome herbs and spices. So, gather your friends and raise your cup to chocolate as it’s meant to be experienced!

As a chocolate lover you already know the state of euphoria induced by consuming cacao. Rather than the standard cane sugar and milk, we add all organic superfood herbs and spices to our unroasted cacao chocolate blend for an amazing vitality elixir with anti-oxidants, minerals and essential fatty acids.

CACOCO is the purest form of cacao directly sourced from beyond-organic farms, that not only improve the health of the environment but produce a chocolate that showcases the finer nuances of well maintained soil and cultivation and highlight the terroir of the region. 

This is drinking chocolate in its purest form a naturally rich and creamy whole-food beverage filled with beneficial nutrients and flavors just as nuanced as a fine wine or single origin coffee. An entirely new experience for your tastebuds. This is chocolate as it’s meant to be experienced!  Enjoy!